• On August 18, 2015, 2:11 PM (in the Philippine Time), I’ve seen the scammer post Looking to hire Virtual Assistants and contacted him via his email.
  • August 29, 11:57 PM, the scammer replied to my email asking for my Skype account.
  • Aug. 30, 12:00 AM, the evil invited me add on Skype, and on 12:01 AM, I shared my contact details.
  • On 12:58 AM, the scammer tell me what to do, to collect a PayPay payment from and send it to some people telling that we’re doing an SEO business and I will get a fee of 5% for every incoming transaction, and I tried it to see how it works.
  • Aug. 30, 02:59:42 GMT+08:00, I receive $300 from patelzmartinc@yahoo.com (Transaction ID # 55098245D3956733W) with a note: “Link Acquisition for Buzzfeed for kohlscouponsonline.com”.
  • Aug. 30, 3:01 AM, the scammer said, send the money to these people in different purposes of payments:
    • $30.00 USD for lancelottucker251@gmail.com Lancelot Tucker | LinkedIn (# 7WW038243A039061C) as personal payment. (On 3.09 AM, I’d asked him if there’s illegal activities on our transactions but he said we deal completely in links and website development.)
    • $210.00 USD to ceo.techdatacorporation@gmail.com Tech Data Corporation (Customer Service Phone: +91 2703431) with a subject of “Delivered Dijital Journal link” (# 43U43571AU324923M) as good or service.
    • $20.00 USD to vanvuongnguyenhuyen@gmail.com Huyen Nguyen Thu (# 7L610255DC481811A) as personal payment.
  • On 3:17 AM, after I send the $210 to ceo.techdatacorporation@gmail.com (Customer Service Phone: +91 2703431), I reviewed the User Agreement for PayPal Services because I’m a rule abiding. And when I see the section 10. Restricted Activities. f. Send unsolicited email to a User or use the PayPal Services to collect payments for sending, or assisting in sending, unsolicited email to third parties; I realize that I think it’s against the ToS, and after that, I just finished THAT SINGLE JOB because I’m a good freelancer and not willing to accept such kind of gig anymore.
  • Aug. 30, 11:26 AM in the morning, I ask him if there’s referring the specific PayPal rule but he denied that there’s no illegal activity. I have a lot of stress doing that single gig but I still finish to make my client satisfy as what I’m always doing..
  • But on October 20, 2015, the buyer that sent me the $300 escalated a dispute (Case ID PP-004-258-676-995) to a claim!

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Scammer Information

  • Skype Name: gene.volkov (Oct 20, 2015) (airtel.in)
    Skype Name: gene.volkov (Oct 28, 2015) (airtel.in)
    Skype Name: techdatacorporate (Oct 28, 2015) (airtel.in) according in Warning on fraud member (kylegreene86) | Page 2 #28, techtiplib said, the guy with PayPal ID: ceo.techdatacorporation@gmail.com lied to him with a total of 7 contents. But PayPal and investigators should also need to track all his IPs for consistency because he’s also threatening me telling “Again I advise you not to disputed more, if you do that, your account you will be got more trouble!”
  • According in Arconis - scammer, fraud, cheat. - WickedFire - Affiliate Marketing Forum - Internet Marketing Webmaster SEO Forum
    Kyle Greene IP address: , skype name: kyle.greene86 (airtel.in)
    Paul Arjunn’s IP address: skype name: paul.sethi6 (airtel.in)
    Arconis IP address: skype name: arconlion (airtel.in)

    919087045656 and 8056791111 are the allegedly the phone numbers of Paul Arjun, the owner of:
    Beneficiary Name Arjjun Film Factory
    Beneficiary IFSC Code UTIB0000137
    Beneficiary Account Number / Credit Card Number 915020004368875
    Bank Name AXIS BANK

  • Other informations of the victims:

We all your victims showed him some kindness but still he did this to us? Arconis - scammer, fraud, cheat. - WickedFire - Affiliate Marketing Forum - Internet Marketing Webmaster SEO Forum:
[12:15:57 PM] amit kumar: fever or ?
[12:16:08 PM] Kyle Greene: infection on throat
[12:16:19 PM] Kyle Greene: on drugs for few days
[12:16:38 PM] amit kumar: Can I give you free discussion
[12:16:41 PM] amit kumar: ?
[12:16:49 PM] amit kumar: free advice
[12:16:51 PM] amit kumar: ?
[12:17:29 PM] amit kumar: there
[12:17:30 PM] amit kumar: ?
[12:17:37 PM] Kyle Greene: sure
[12:17:40 PM] amit kumar: ok
[12:17:47 PM] Kyle Greene: sorry multiple windows
[12:17:59 PM] amit kumar: take 1spoon salt
[12:18:14 PM] Kyle Greene: yes and
[12:18:37 PM] amit kumar: add 1 spoon salt in to mid hot water
[12:18:45 PM] amit kumar: 2cup
[12:19:00 PM] Kyle Greene: 2 cups ? total
[12:19:17 PM] amit kumar: 2cup mid hot water and mix salt 2 spoons as you need
[12:19:27 PM] Kyle Greene: i see
[12:20:44 PM] amit kumar: sip this salty water but dont drink only put into mouth and out the water
[12:20:59 PM] Kyle Greene: you mean gargle ?
[12:21:03 PM] amit kumar: aah
[12:21:11 PM] amit kumar: do gargle with this salty water
[12:22:26 PM] amit kumar: you can take steam also
[12:23:02 PM] Kyle Greene: sounds pushy , will try today…thakns for tip Amit
[12:23:17 PM] amit kumar: Do you know Ocimum
[12:23:39 PM] Kyle Greene: ermm nope , whats that
[12:24:00 PM] amit kumar: Ocimum is strong herbal medicine for throat, infection , swineflue etc
[12:24:09 PM] Kyle Greene: ahh
[12:24:15 PM] amit kumar: Ocimum is herbal leaf
[12:24:30 PM] amit kumar: https://www.google.co.in/search?q=tu…el=sb&q=ocimum
[12:24:34 PM] amit kumar: you can see images
[12:25:13 PM] Kyle Greene: let me see
[12:25:16 PM] amit kumar: ok
[12:25:29 PM] ** Call to Kyle Greene, busy. Send video message **
[12:25:40 PM] Kyle Greene: sorry no mike
[12:25:54 PM] amit kumar: no problem I will show you medicine
[12:26:07 PM] Kyle Greene: sure , checking your link
[12:26:33 PM] amit kumar: I have some pieces of Ocimum water
[12:29:56 PM] Kyle Greene: i see
[12:30:21 PM] amit kumar: If you need I can send it to you
[12:30:32 PM] amit kumar: Can you find quick result
[12:30:41 PM] amit kumar: No side effect, Pure Herbal

To all the victims

The IC3 accepts online Internet crime complaints from either the actual victim or from a third party to the complainant. So if you think you’re a victim or from a third party to the complainant of this kind of fraud, PLEASE FILE YOUR COMPLAIN AT Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | File a Complaint and don’t forget to refer this web page as a source for investigation (I will also update this if needed), don’t worry, I will guide you if you don’t know what to do..